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Why content marketing for your brand?

In this new digital world, no brand will succeed without using content marketing tactics, the foundation for SEO and tons more. What is content marketing? It’s a form of inbound marketing. Producing content, sharing information and putting it out there for customers to engage with is content marketing and a form of inbound marketing. You’re nurturing your audience and customer relationship by providing relevant information as bait in order to rein prospects in and make your current customers happy. This “content” can be anything – videos, social shares, blogging, landing pages, a glossary and more.

Reported recently by Econsultancy’s, Content Marketing Survey Report, the top five business objectives for brands participating in content marketing:content_marketing_objectives-blog-full-Econsultancy
• Increased engagement
• Increasing traffic to website
• Raising brand awareness
• Increased sales
• Improved SEO

Is this a surprise to me? Not at all!
If you are interested in content marketing for small businesses or even bigger brands, you should read my Propel post, “Why is content ‘King’ for digital marketing.” Here I talk about all the reasons and benefits of content marketing.
• Gain credibility with information
• SEO improvements through keyword density, social media shares and inbound link building
• Engagement through likes and shares on social media
• Online visibility through the web you are building and improved keyword rankings

No matter what type of business you are, B2B, B2C, retail, medical, and on and on content is going to influence your presence online and gain you the audience you want. Content marketing is a long term inbound marketing strategy and requires dedication but, trust me, it is the way Google and other search engines are moving towards in order for businesses like you to succeed online.