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Jacquelyn Giardina, a Boston native, grew up in South Boston where she attended private school through her elementary and teenage years. Jacquelyn was very active as a child participating in sports, ballet, jazz, Girl Scouts and more. Jacquelyn attended Mount Alvernia High School in Newton, MA and decided to attend Suffolk University for undergraduate.

Throughout Jacquelyn’s undergraduate career, she decided to work and attend school full time to gain as much experience as possible prior to graduating. During college, Jacquelyn worked at CRA International, Coach Leatherware, MintzLevin Law Firm and a small business, The Boston Bodyworker.  At BBW, Jacquelyn was given the amazing opportunity to not only manage two locations of a massage and chiropractic clinic, but also market the brand through direct mailings, social media, emarketing, cause marketing and more. Much of Jacquelyn’s management and traditional marketing knowledge originated here.

During Jacquelyn’s MBA program, she realized that there was a world of digital marketing out there that she needed to channel and moved onto Brafton, a content marketing agency, in Boston’s Financial District. At Brafton, she advanced in the inbound marketing world through content marketing and SEO. Jacquelyn managed a portfolio of over 60 B2B clients daily with content strategies spanning from blogs, industry news, video marketing, infographics, whitepapers, social strategies and more.

When presented the opportunity in early 2013 to join a start-up and head the SEO product at Propel Marketing she couldn’t resist! Jacquelyn worked at Propel Marketing where she managed a combination of 175 B2C and B2B clients with local SEO strategies. Jacquelyn held SEO trainings with her sales and operations team to ensure the quality of each Propel product was cohesive with Google’s webmaster guidelines.

More recently, Jacquelyn has stared at a digital marketing agency, iProspect. She is excited to work with a B2C global client in the travel industry which she believes will expand her knowledge of SEO and digital marketing as a whole.

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