Glossary A-M


Web analytics is the data reviewed to gain insight into the performance of a website, specific online advertisement or initiative

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing tactic in which content and/or media is produced and shared through different digital means to acquire new customers and engage current customers

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free application (premium version for a fee) offered to business by the Google search engine to monitor different online metrics a webmaster is interested in gaining more insight into

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the practice a business can take to nurture leads and awareness through different forms of content marketing such as blogging, social media, infographics and more


A keyword is a key term or phrase relevant to a website, brand, industry or service

Keyword Strategy

A keyword strategy is a list of keywords a webmaster decides to optimize his or her website with through backend and onsite work

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a term used to refer to the creation or generation of consumer interest into a specific brand, product or service